Banca Biologica Oncologica Pediatrica


Dip. Salute della Donna e del Bambino
Emanuela Giarin
The laboratory of pediatric oncohematology is the national reference for the diagnosis of acute pediatric, lymphomas, solid tumors and brain tumors. IN additon to the routine analyses, for retrospective studies and future clinical and/or research puroposes the biological biobank is maintained. Cryopreservation of an average of 10000 vials is carried out annualy and are subsequently added to the bank. Moreover are stored dna rna proteins and cell lines. The biological bank is a centralized integrated framework for the collection and filling of biological samples related to clinical studies and clinical analysis in research projects. Biobank’s activities are: storing specimens harvested over time, combined with molecular, cellular and genetic data. Moreover, collected samples are processed primarily analyzed and adeguately preseved for sharing with the wider scientific comunity. An efficient IT system is a crucial matter and has been implemented to serve database in real time.