Galliera Genetic Bank


General Director – E.O Ospedali Galliera Genova
Chiara Baldo
The Galliera Genetic Bank is part of the Laboratory of Human Genetics of Galliera Hospital in Genoa and has collected samples from patients affected by genetic diseases since 1983. Presently, it stores 10,259 biospecimens and associated data from about 200 genetic disorders. The most representative disorders are chromosome disorders, HCM, neurological , rare bone and overgrowth diseases. The biobank has been supported by Italian Telethon grants since 1993 and since 2008 is partner of the Telethon Network of Genetic Biobanks. The biobank is certified ISO 9001, and in 2010 it was officially authorized by the Liguria Region to operate as a facility in support of diagnosis and research on genetic diseases. Since its inception, the biobank has offered the following services: (i) access to sample and data collection; (ii) sample processing and (iii) preservation of biological specimens and related data (repository service), garnering more than 110 acknowledgements in scientific articles.