The Biobank is a non-profit service unit, aimed at collecting, processing, storing and distributing human biological samples and data related to them, for research and diagnosis. It is officially recognized by the competent health authorities, applies a quality system and guarantees the rights of those involved. The Italian biobanks and biological resource centers are the heart of the infrastructure, and the Network Board is the main body of the Italian node, which brings together the curators of all biobanks of the network. The Italian biobanks are mainly disease-oriented (oncological, genetic, multi-specialist) and are organized in regional networks and national and international thematic networks. Even the population biobanks operate within a thematic network. A special case is represented by archive tissues, which can be used for research under particular conditions. The National network of archive tissues is part of the European Impacts network.

After a first census, proposed an on-line self-assessment questionnaire to Italian biobanks, which was compiled by over 90 biobanks and collections. The questionnaires were evaluated by a special commission based on the requirements for participation in BBMRI-ERIC defined in the charter partner: sample access policy, data protection, informed consent, infrastructure, quality system. The vast majority of biobanks have been shown to already operate in accordance with the principles of BBMRI-ERIC. The other biobanks / collections interested in participating in the network are implementing the quality path with the support of the node. Each biobank in the network has its own web page in the BBMRI-ERIC Directory, which provides contacts, a list of available samples and a description of the services offered.