The collection and storage of microbial communities (microbiota) from gut, mucosal tissues, respiratory system and other districts, along with their genetic, metabolic and proteomic/metaproteomic profiles is becoming increasingly important for therapeutic approaches and for researching a wide range of diseases. The “human microbiota and biobanking WG” starts from the model of the first operative quality-certified and software-assisted Microbiome Biobank of Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital.

The WG meetings aimed to define Standard Operative Procedures for clinical samples (eg. faeces, aspirates, biopsies, urine, blood) and derivative products (DNA, proteins, metabolites) maintenance in a Microbiota Biobank, together with IT “ad hoc devices” and management software-assisted procedures. The subject of law and regulations for the bio-banking of microbiota was also addressed, combined to clinical data record rules. This WG allows to promote a Survey on the Italian biobanks collecting microbiota to activate collaborative networks amongst microbiota biobanks.