If you want to interact with the node, ask questions, report or propose initiatives, write to italy@bbmri.it, we will contact you as soon as possible

If you want to receive regular information on the infrastructure, subscribe to the newsletter by sending an email to italy@bbmri.it indicating "Newsletter subscription" in the subject

If you represent a Biobank / Collection / Biological Resource Center and want to participate in the infrastructure, complete and submit the self-assessment questionnaire relating to your biobank.

The membership request will be evaluated by the BBMRI.it evaluation commission and you will receive a letter from the Director of the Node which will indicate the further steps of the membership process.

If you do not have a registered biobank but want to register a COVID collection go to https://www.bbmri.it/biobanche-covid/ and register your collection

If you are already registered and have forgotten your login and/or password, send a message to online help from the contact section

If you represent a Biobank and are already part of the infrastructure, you can access the web page of "your" biobank from the BBMRI.it directory.