For everyone

If you want to interact with the node, ask questions, report or propose initiatives, write to, we will contact you as soon as possible.
If you want to receive regular information on the infrastructure, subscribe to the newsletter by sending an email to indicating in the subject "Subscription to the newsletter"

For Italian biobankers

If you represent a Biobank / Collection / Center of biological resources and want to participate in the infrastructure, register at on the website and fill in the registration form with your data, your e-mail address your login and password to access the directory.
Fill out and submit the self-assessment questionnaire related to your biobank (LINK). The application for membership will be evaluated by the evaluation committee and you will receive, within two weeks, a letter from the Director of the Node that will indicate the further steps in the path to membership.
If you don't have a registered biobank but want to register a COVID collection go to and register your collection
If you are already registered and have forgotten your login and / or password, send a message to help on line from here
If you represent a Biobank and are already part of the infrastructure, you can access the web page of "your" biobank from the directory.