The Italian node of BBMRI-ERIC has been established with a joint effort by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of University & Research and it involves ISS (National Institute of Health), CNR, Universities, Hospitals, IRCCS - institutes of health care and research - and Patient Organizations - POs. Assobiotech and Scientific Societies contribute to define the strategy. is a distributed research infrastructure including more than 90 Biobanks, biological resource centers (BRCs) and sample collections, located in different Italian regions.

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Biobanks between territory and Networks

An initiative to present the bio-banking activities at the level of Puglia and other Italian regions and to discuss the drafting of a regional policy document for the regulation of cryopreservation of human biological material

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Management Committee
contribute to the BBMRI-ERIC pan-European research infrastructure and provide new common services at the national level for biobanks

Common Service ELSI
It offers expertise, services and tools on ethical, legal and social issues related to biobanking

Common Service Quality
It offers expertise, services and tools related to sample and data quality and biobanking management

Common Service IT
It offers expertise, services and tools related to the creation, management and sharing of data related to biobanking


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