The biobanking activities open innovative and surprising research and treatment scenarios, being the base of the so-called precision medicine revolution which favors a personalized diagnosis and therapy. This process is possible thanks to the networking of bio-resources, according to criteria of quality respecting the ethical-legal-social issues. It is important in this process to make conscious provision (due to the data sensitivity) and systematic collection of human biological samples. Citizens are part of the process itself, through the consent to the collection, conservation and use of their own biological materials. Understanding how this innovative model of scientific research is set up becomes fundamental: the biobanking concerns us. This means a great cultural change. Experts and researchers must recognize and include citizens as partners in the processes of research and construction of scientific knowledge. Determining factors for good practice are:
  • public information and public debate
  • active involvement supported by empowerment processes, both for citizens and experts
  • transparency and accessibility of processes, data and results
  • co-production of knowledge and practices
Biobanking is a real good training for engagement, for active, informed and aware involvement for all . The national CS ELSI in agreement with the European CS ELSI is at the forefront in the development and support of engagement processes in collaboration with all the actors involved.