The National Day of makes its comeback at the University of Milano-Bicocca, in Piazza della Scienza (Aula Sironi, Edificio U4), Milan, starting at 10:00 until 18:00. We will discuss and share the opportunities offered by the tenders within the Italian NRRP Project Strengthening, which are open to all biobanks. Save the date for the National Day of and sign up now. Link to sign up: Through the tenders, biobanks of will be supported and financed for: • digital characterization of samples and FAIRification of associated data • creation of a biobank’s digital profile which will be published on the European Catalogue Market Place • informed consent digitalisation • development of an app to promote participating citizens’ interaction with biobanks for dynamic informed consenting and return of results • building up both basic and advanced level trainings for researchers, biobankers, data and quality managers etc. on the topic of research biobanking, which covers a pivotal role in today’s advanced scientific and technological ecosystem • education of a whole new generation of professionists at their venues. We will be waiting for you to treasure together the chances given by the Italian NRRP and will be eager to answer all your questions and doubts.