The Italian biobank annual meeting this year will be on line

Registrations are now open for National Day of Biobanks.
The conference is organized by the IRCCS San Martino Polyclinic Hospital in Genoa in collaboration with and the Azienda Ligure Sanitaria and, like many other events in 2020, will be virtual.
During the day you will be updated on the activities that has carried out in this somewhat particular year. We will be able to tackle together, with the help of the speakers, the theme of sharing samples and information from different points of view, take a look to the new challenges that the pandemic poses to biobanks, and above all we hope to collect your ideas and proposals for 2021, that we all hope will see a positive change.
The conference obtained 7.5 ECM credits for many categories of health professionals (you will find the list on the Symposia Congressi website), up to a maximum of 150 participants.
Free registration, by 3 November, at the link: LINK