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Biobank week 2019

A week of initiatives and events to talk about biotechnologies to a large and heterogeneous public and to celebrate the key role that biotech has in improving our quality of life. It is the European Biotech Week 2019. Seven days during which it will be possible to discover technologies that use living organisms, such as bacteria, yeasts, plant and animal cells, or parts of them, for the development of products and processes that can be applied in various fields: from diagnostic therapy, from agri-food to industrial processes, through environmental remediation to renewable energies. as the Italian node of the European Research Infrastructure BBMRI-ERIC has decided to participate also in the 2019 edition, organized - in Italy - in collaboration with Assobiotec and FederChimica. Below you will find the program with local events, organized thanks to the commitment of local biobanks. There are 9 events, from north to south, which have a single aim: to make the researchers’ hard work better known and their important results in terms of improving quality of life and new treatments. For any clarification or need, you can speak directly with our local partners or write us an e-mail at or follow us on our social channels ( Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin ) The staff of